How the Digital Pop-Up Works:
Welcome to Keegan’s Caramels Digital Pop-Up!
We've embraced a unique approach that aligns with our commitment to delivering you the freshest, most delightful caramels. As a digital pop-up, we operate differently, and here’s how it works...

While we don’t have a physical retail location, our manufacturing space is nestled in the broader expanse of vibrant Los Angeles. Our digital presence allows us to reach you wherever you are, making it convenient to access our delightful offerings.

Pop-Up Calendar & Dates:
Our Digital Pop-Up is open for a set and short period. During these exclusive windows, our world of caramels becomes available for you to indulge in and make your sweet selections.

Ordering Process:
1. Navigate from our homepage or products page where you can explore our range.
2. Choose from preselected bundles and products, or embark on a journey of customization.
3. Tailor your boxes by adding the caramels of your choice to your cart, ensuring that the final amount is at least four delightful pieces.

We offer the opportunity for preorders, particularly beneficial for larger quantities over 10 boxes. Preorders can be made through this form. For all other orders, you’re welcome to make your purchase directly on our site during the pop-up hours.

Why Pre-order:
Preordering aids us immensely in planning our overhead, inventory, and timing. It enables us to meticulously craft and ship the exact amount of caramels, ensuring that what arrives at your doorstep is as fresh and enchanting as possible.

Questions and Support:
We are here to assist and make your experience seamless. Should you have any questions or need guidance, please feel free to reach out. Your support and engagement mean the world to us, and we’re here to ensure that your journey with Keegan’s Caramels is nothing short of extraordinary. Thank you for allowing us the joy of sharing our caramels with you, and for all your incredible support. Happy ordering!


How long do the caramels last?


Our caramels are best enjoyed within three weeks of receiving them. To ensure optimal freshness and flavor, we recommend storing them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Stored in a refrigerator, last up to 6 months or longer

How do pre-orders work, and what are the benefits of pre-ordering?


Pre-orders allow us to anticipate demand and craft our caramels precisely according to the number of orders, reducing waste and ensuring freshness. By pre-ordering, especially for larger quantities, you ensure that your needs are prioritized and met, and it helps us in efficient planning and production.

How does Keegan’s Caramels ensure the freshness of the delivered caramels?


To maintain optimal freshness, we minimize the time between production and delivery. Our caramels are packaged with insulated materials to protect them from temperature variations during transit.

What regions does Keegan’s Caramels deliver to?


Currently, we deliver across the United States domestically. We do not offer international shipping at the moment, but we are working on expanding our reach, so stay tuned!

Can I place an order for a large quantity, such as for events or corporate gifting?


Absolutely! For large quantity orders, please follow this order form. We cater to events and corporate gifting, ensuring that your special occasions are sweetened with our artisanal caramels.

What community initiatives are Keegan’s Caramels involved in?


We are deeply committed to making a difference in the community. Keegan’s Caramels has a proud partnership withSprouts Chef Training, where we sponsor disadvantaged youth in the culinary community. This initiative is about fostering talent and opening doors to culinary arts opportunities.