How it all started

Welcome to Keegan’s Caramels! I’m Keegan, the heart and hands behind these delightful treats. My journey into the world of caramels began as a hobby, a creative outlet that allowed me to bring my sweetest visions to life. Each piece crafted with love and joy, they quickly became a cherished holiday gift among friends and family.

As the caramels started weaving their magic, a heartwarming sense of community and inclusivity started to blossom around me. Gratitude filled my heart, and a desire ignited within me to give back to the beautiful souls who believed in and supported my dream. Inspired to make a difference, I discovered Sprouts Chef Training. This incredible initiative focuses on sponsoring disadvantaged youth in the culinary community, opening doors to passion and possibilities.

Our collaboration with Sprouts Chef Training has now blossomed into a profound passion. Through this partnership, we have found a meaningful way to share sweetness, not just through our caramels, but also by nurturing dreams and cultivating talent in the culinary arts.

At Keegan’s Caramels, our mission goes beyond creating delicious caramels. We are deeply committed to giving back and investing in a future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Join us on this heartwarming journey, where every caramel unwrapped is a step towards making the world a little sweeter and more inclusive.